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Shanghai Runwu Chemical Technology Co. Ltd. is a chemical enterprise product R & D, production, sales, as one of the detection. We depend on strong research ability and mature technology, and have a rapid rise in the chemical industry, relying on science and technology development, to provide customers with high-quality products is our constant pursuit.

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Introduction and Application of Sodium borohydride

Sodium borohydride, also known as NaBH4, is a colorless crystalline compound that has a variety of applications in chemical synthesis and energy storage. In this article, we will discuss the properties, uses, and benefits of sodium borohydride in detail.Chemical SynthesisSodium borohydride is an ...

What are Nanomaterials?

Nanomaterials can be defined as materials possessing, at minimum, one external dimension measuring 1-100nm. The definition given by the European Commission states that the particle size of at least half of the particles in the number size distribution must measure 100nm or below. Nanomaterials ca...

3D crinkled porous Ti3C2 MXene architectures coupled with NiCoP bimetallic phosphide nanoparticles

Recently, Longwei Yin’s research team from Shandong University published an article on Energy & Environmental Science,the title is Alkali-induced 3D crinkled porous Ti3C2 MXene architectures coupled with NiCoP bimetallic phosphide nanoparticles as anodes for high-performance sodium-ion ...